Wi-Fi Hotspots vs Reliable VPN Service

On a daily basis we all using Wi-Fi hot spots to entertain ourselves or while sipping coffee at a restaurant but we hardly think what danger are we facing due to unprotected connection.  With the right tools hackers can lock users out of their own devices and allow themselves access to your personal data. Malware distributing is also a common happening and after you will face numerous problem with restoring all the information stored on your PC. Interception of shared documents, email attachments sent via smartphone or laptop. Your login passwords, credit card information other sensible data are also at risk as often hackers are exactly after that information.

Dangers of Wi-Fi hotspots
In order to avoid this kind of misfortune and create safer online environment try using reputable VPN service like vypr vpn, that can provide data encryption, online anonymity, ability to travel safely to most distant countries with fierce online censorship. Don’t forget that such places as hotels, restaurants, airports are at risk as Wi-Fi hotspot connections are unprotected comparing to rather safe home and office Wi-Fi sources. 

VYprVPN benefits
VyprVPN is one of the most well-known providers on the market and a part of a Golden Frog VPN software that is known to promote online safety of highest quality and protect users from hackers, censorship programs, such as blocked websites, and curious people who like to invade your privacy. You are ensured to use the Internet freely without any restrictions across the globe and enjoy streaming and blocked websites. 

The flawless and fast connection is guaranteed by the amount of servers located in the various part of the world. VyprVPN service has more than 50 server locations across 5 continents. Described provider offers over 700 servers and more than 200 000 global IPs to switch as often as possible. Every server has amazing speed performance and bandwidth. It is worth mentioning that there are numerous countries that received servers recently: Cairo, Bratislava, Ljubljana, Kiev, Macau, Male. VyprVPN is available for numerous devices like Mac, Windows, iPhone, Android, routers, Linux and Smart TV. These apps are rather easy to use and can secure devices in seconds. Moreover, the provider offers solutions for business – now you can send emails, share files, use chats while your connection remains safe for all employees. Using Wi-Fi hotspots is also not a problem with such level of protection.

Online support has FAQ section with answers to most common questions and can be contacted via email 24/7 and professional agent will provide qualified assistance.
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